Your #1 source for liquidations, closeouts, retail returns and overstock inventory. In the past, large retailers and manufacturers simply didn’t have the proper channels to offload their unsold and returned merchandise. Today, this inventory is packaged into wholesale lots on marketplaces like FLASHLIQUIDATION.COM and sold off to the highest bidder who then resells the merchandise for a profit via their own sales channels.
No matter what channel you use to sell from we have high quality merchandise available below wholesale prices that you can turn into profits for your business in no time.

We have the majority of products in stock at our warehouses. Though some of our inventory are still with the retailers, we inspect and  take care of all the Logistics involved so they get to our clients safely within 3 business days. With us, you are either Satisfied or Refunded at no extra charge.

Due to the loss and theft of a huge amount of merchandise from our Outlet/store in the past months, all orders and sales would be done online via our website only.




TV Pallets

(3) $1,650.00
(3) $850.00
(8) $1,950.00
(3) $850.00
(5) $1,625.00
(3) $1,100.00
(3) $1,400.00$20,000.00


Our Mystery Boxes are 100% authentic Amazon merchandise. These boxes come sealed – meaning you get what Amazon sends us. FLASH LIQUIDATION never combs through to find the best products – everything included is yours. Every Mystery Box is just that – a mystery.
Boxes could include:
•Home essentials•Tech products•Kitchen gear•Fitness gear•Toys and games•Pet supplies•And more.
Each box is unique, with its own variation of Amazon products ready for you to flip as you see fit!


Due to the high demand of our pallets in Britain, Australia and New Zealand in the past few years, we have opened 2 more outlets to help bridge the gap between our main USA branch and our customers out of the USA. However, with the outlets put in place, all orders would still be processed online on our website.
Thanks for your understanding.

The Manager

flashliquidation warehouse austalia
flashliquidation warehouse europe
flashliquidation warehouse europe
flashliquidation warehouse europe
flashliquidation warehouse europe