Amazon General Merchandise


Full truckload of Amz general merchandise. These loads may include a variety of home decor, kitchen products, automotive, sporting goods, home and garden, electronics etc and much more
Flash Liquidation is a direct liquidator of Merchandise from Amazon. This Merchandise Liquidations is stacked in Gaylord Pallets. Each Pallet will have a nice variety of merchandise with good value for Bin Stores.
These are shipped Directly from Amazon Distribution Center. Each Truckload will have a nice variety of categories including phone accessories, health and beauty aids, books, tools, home decor, personal care, toys and so much more.
Each Truckload has approximately 6,000-7,000 Mixed Items.
These Amazon Smalls Bin Store Truckloads are great to sell these items in Bin Stores, Flea markets, Retail Store. Expect Assorted Items with, great variety and great products.
Ships Direct from Texas
Each Truckload will have 24 Pallets. These loads have approximately 6,000-7,000 items per truckload. These are perfect for auctions, export, flea markets, bin stores or for export. These Truckloads of Amazon Smalls ship from Texas. Mix of LPN Returns, Open Box Returns and Some Overstocks.
Easily sell them for $3-$10

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